Corporate Memory Retention

A common observation while working with customers was that they had difficulty in describing how their business works. Different people in the same organisation worked to undocumented variations of what should be the same processes. Or they just weren’t sure how things should be done. Or the knowledge had walked out of the door. Your business should never forget how it works.

To help customers simplify, standardise and communicate how work is done, we offer “author” process mapping and management system software as a Master Dealer for Mandos Software."

With author we can build a complete electronic management system which helps you to:-

• understand and communicate how work is done.
• protect and retain your "corporate memory"
• ensure your "corporate health and safety"
• maintain compliance with “ALL” regulations
• increase the value of your business
• save money by eliminating the printing of “HUGE” employee manuals
• MINIMISE TIME & EFFORT to maintain your system.

To find out more about how we can make your system a BUSINESS ASSET just get in touch.

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